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Welcome to My Mosaic Space

I first became interested in mosaics when I was 10 years old and my Grandmother gave me a beginner’s mosaic kit of a siamese kitten. It was a basic kit with plastic tiles and a little bag of dried grout, but I was so thrilled with how it turned out. I didn’t get to do much more with mosaics during my work years and during the years my children were little. Many years later, however, my mailbox and post needed to be replaced and I decided to try adding a vine design climbing up the new post and onto the mailbox, just for a little artistic flair. I was very happy with the result and began designing and creating mosaics of all types.

I love photography too, so my favorite thing to do is to take one of my photos and turn it into a mosaic. I find that by using a photograph I can achieve a greater level of detail and more intricate color shading than if I had used a drawing. My husband and I like to travel so the possibilities are endless for mosaic ideas.

Dottie Bush